How to create an ip portfolio

What is an Intellectual Property Portfolio?

An Intellectual Property Portfolio is often described as a simple compilation of your IP. Basically, a folder on a computer with all of your patents, trademarks, and copyrights compiled. This is a waste of time and provides you no benefit.

A portfolio is a compilation of material actually makes managing that material easier. Therefore, an intellectual property portfolio must make management of your IP easier.

ststem for analyzing and tracking IP.

How is IP managed?

Managing Intellectual Property consists of identifying protectable information and making sure that information is being protected. In a previous post, I discussed the basics of the different types of IP law. Propriety information falling under the different areas of IP law is protected in different ways. 

Some IP will fall under multiple categories of IP law. For example, if you have an idea you are working on that may be patentable in the future, it can be considered a Trade Secret until the patent application is filed and published. 

This means some IP will need to be protected in multiple ways according to its classification. 

How to identify IP

To identify your IP, you can think of all the information your business has that you would not feel comfortable sharing online with the public. Any information that may reduce your competitive advantage can be considered. Alternatively, you can hire an experienced intellectual property lawyer, who should have prior knowledge of information you need to protect.

How to track your IP protection

Tracking IP protection is simple once you identify your IP. Simply categorize the type of IP and note any person who may obtain information about that IP. Protect the IP according to its classification, and consider some kind of Confidentiality Agreement for any person previously noted. Finally, create a file or make electronic notes on each piece of IP and what you have done to protect it.


As an intellectual property attorney, I am ready to help you start managing your IP portfolio. Contact me today for more information. 

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