Boutique Firm Practicing Intellectual Property Law

Better Service and Better Billing

I use flat fees and alternative fee arrangements whenever possible. That way, you never have to wonder how much your case will cost. Also, with lower overhead than big firms, when you choose me you know you are getting a more cost-effective service.

I work directly with my clients on all aspects of a matter. When you call, there are no assistants or phone transfers. When a document needs drafted or reviewed, I don’t charge to review a paralegal or assistant’s work. 

Practice Areas


Patents protect your inventions, innovations and discoveries. I help you obtain patent protection, enforce your patents against infringers, and defend your patents against challenges.


Trademarks protect your businesses identifying marks, such as logos, words, and phrases. I help you obtain trademark protection, prevent others from using your trademarks, and defend your trademarks against challenges.


Copyrights protect your creative works of authorship. I help you register your copyrights and ensure no one is stealing your creative work.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are your businesses private information that gives you a competitive advantage. We help you protect your most valuable information and prevent anyone from disclosing it to your competitors.

Successful Results Driven By Youth & Ambition

As the owner of a new law firm, I strive to build a strong reputation around my firm name. My youth and ambition fuels me to invest more time and energy into my clients and their cases than other lawyers are capable of. This helps me achieve successful results for my clients.