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Collier Legal is owned and operated by USPTO-licensed Attorney Josiah Collier.

After becoming the only person in his law school’s history to graduate a year early, he started his own law firm. He has been practicing business law for over 5 years, serving businesses with incorporation, contract review & drafting, mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate leasing and transfers, and business litigation. During that time, he obtained a USPTO patent license, becoming an Expert Patent and Trademark Lawyer.

He has done work for law firms and in-house counsel, acquiring the training and approval of seasoned attorneys. Attorney Collier has even helped train law clerks, managed supporting staff, and advised on employment policies.

Now, Attorney Collier provides businesses with comprehensive legal support combined with expert intellectual property knowledge.

Business Services

    • Startup and Incorporation
    • Governing Documents
    • IP Protection
    • Service Agreements
    • Investor Agreements
    • NDA’s
    • General Counsel

Intellectual Property Services

  • Trademark Applications
  • Special Character and Image Applications
  • Statements of Use
  • Notices of Opposition
  • Freedom to Use Opinions
  • Trademark Searches
  • Copyright Registration
  • Small Rights, Grand Rights, & Other Licensing
  • Royalty & Infringement Issues

-Better Rates, Faster Service-

Bigger firms have intake staff, billing staff, supporting staff, associates, and managing attorneys. You’ll speak with a different person for everything, and will have to call in just to schedule an appointment to speak with an attorney. You generally pay hourly fees for junior associates to do low-quality work, then wait for senior associates to fix the inevitable problems. 

Cut out the hassle and work directly with a skilled attorney. Our qualified attorneys will work with you 1-on-1 from start to finish. Whether you have an administrative or legal question, you can easily contact your attorney directly. No more paying for junior associates or supporting staff.  

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