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Hardware & Electronic Device Patents

Hardware patents and electronic device patents have overlapping subject matters. Hardware patents cover any physical assembly, object, or combination of parts that provides a mechanical benefit or advantage.

Electronic device patents cover any device, machine, or assembly that uses power or electricity to perform a function. This includes electronics like cell phones and computers, but also includes machines and electrical engineering apparatuses. 

Hardware applications cover parts and tools that are used in the manufacturing of electronic devices. Thus, our experience in one industry helps us protect clients in the other industry.

Our Experience With Hardware Patents

Our patent lawyers have experience helping clients pursue hardware patents over various subject matters. This includes hand tools, excavator attachments, gas valve protective assemblies, fitness equipment, improved transport containers, and more. 

Our experience with hardware applications gives our lawyers a better understanding of the prior art and patent prosecution issues with electronic device applications. This is because many hardware tools and components are utilized in the assembly of electronic devices.

Our Experience With Electronic Device Patents

Our patent lawyers have experience helping a variety of clients pursue applications for electronic devices including a windshield visibility protection device, an alternative conduit to electrical wiring, a hydro-gravitational energy conversion system, and more. 

We have the experience to help you obtain an electronic device patent. Our experience also improves our lawyers’ ability to prosecute hardware applications. Since hardware is often used in the manufacture of electronic devices, we have more exposure to the prior art and purpose of a hardware application. 

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