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A patent search is research in the prior art of a field or industry to determine if an idea or invention is new. This is often referred to as a patentability search, because the search is not limited to patents. A search is often done in relevant commercial sites and industry literature. 

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Can You Do Your Own Patent Search?

Everyone is capable of performing a basic preliminary search. Most patent databases are free, such as Google Patents, which is also easy to use. Doing your own preliminary search is a great way to determine if there are any obvious issues with your invention’s patentability. This can save you the cost of hiring a professional.

However, a high quality patentability search requires a specific skillset. If you file a patent, it will be examined by a patent examiner. That patent examiner is specially trained by the USPTO to use specific queries when performing a search. Their search will uncover the prior art that will be used when issuing rejections of your application. 

Being able to perform a search like a patent examiner will help you anticipate and avoid prior art issues that would hinder your patentability. Therefore, you need someone who understands how patent examiners perform searches.

Work With An Experienced Patent Attorney

Our patent agents and attorneys have vast experience performing patentability searches for clients in all industries. We always advise clients to get a patentability search done before applying for a patent. Not only does this help you avoid prior art issues, it also gives your patent attorney a reference point for the language to be included in your application. Prior issued patents were eventually written in a way that the USPTO liked, resulting in issuance. Finding these references will help your attorney write your application correctly from the beginning.

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