Business Lawyer and Corporate Lawyer In Columbus, Ohio


As a quality Columbus, Ohio business lawyer and corporate lawyer, I help business owners protect their 2 most important assets: business ownership and IP. I have experience advising clients in mergers and acquisitions, franchise agreements, litigation over breached transfers, and litigation between business partners. I also help corporations and small businesses acquire patents. Protecting business owners is what I do. 

As a business lawyer and corporate lawyer in Columbus, Ohio I have years of experience working with different sizes of businesses from various industries. As a Columbus, Ohio corporate lawyer and business lawyer I work with companies on transferring business ownership and protecting IP through patents and trademarks.
Through my experience as a corporate lawyer and business lawyer, I have experience working with corporate and commercial transactions including:

My experience in this area includes representing a client in the purchase of a 4 unit franchise worth over $1 million. With my experience I can help you close your transaction in a timely manner, and maximize your profits.

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I have experience litigating partnership disputes, business dissolutions, breach of contract claims, failed corporate transactions, and real estate purchase disputes. My experience allows me to protect business owners through litigation of any matter.

Small Business Lawyer

A small business lawyer advises small businesses on the same legal matters facing larger companies and corporations. A good small business lawyer will have experience working with larger-scale companies and will be able to apply this level of service to the small business client. As a small business attorney, I take my experience working with corporate clients and use it to provide a high level of legal representation to small business clients. My background in IP and Patents allows me to help start and protect small businesses founded on IP or Patented innovations. Many clients trust me for my niche expertise in business law, patents, and IP.

Why You Should Work With Me

  1. During my 5+ years of practicing law I have achieved better results than attorneys with 25+ years of experience.
  2. I save clients thousands of dollars and offer flexible payment plans.
  3. I provide great service and communicate past normal business hours.

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