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Our patent lawyers save clients time and money on patent applications while helping clients get the broadest patent protection possible. We help clients reduce legal risk and exposure when defending against patent infringement claims at the most affordable rates. Our patent lawyers also help clients enforce their patent rights and protect their income potential by pursuing patent infringement claims. The patent services we offer include:

  • Patentability Searches
  • Patent Applications
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Patent Infringement Services
  • Patent Licensing Agreements
patent search

Our patent attorneys can save you time and money by conducting a thorough patent search and helping you determine if your invention is patentable. We can also help you determine how broad to draft your patent claims. You will save time and money by avoiding unsuccessful applications, reducing office actions to correct the application, and you will obtain the broadest protection available.

Patent Applications

Our patent attorneys help clients file patent applications and progress through patent prosecution until the patent issues. Our attorneys also conduct preliminary patentability searches to help clients get an idea of whether a patent is likely to be eligible for issue.

We can save you time and money by helping you draft an application the right way, avoiding the added time and expense of responding to office actions to correct the application. We also offer more affordable rates and more personal client service than  our competitors.

Provisional patents are public disclosures that preserve your ability to file a utility patent and allow you to present your idea as “patent pending”.

Utility patents are patents on functionality that give you the right to sue infringers using your idea without permission.

Design patents protect the ornamental design of an invention as long as the design is separate from the invention’s functionality.

Plant patents are patents protecting newly discovered or created species of plants.

International patents under the PCT allow inventors to expedite the process of filing multiple patents in participating foreign countries.

Learn more about patents and patent law from a licensed patent attorney.

Patent Licensing and Assignment Agreements

If your invention is patent eligible, beginning the patent process gives you intellectual property rights in your invention. Once you obtain these intellectual property rights, you may decide to make money by licensing or assigning your patent rights. Our patent attorneys help clients draft and negotiate licensing and assignment agreements for their intellectual property and patent rights. For more information, or to start protecting your inventions, contact a patent lawyer near you. 


Trademarks are similar to patents. They require applications with an IP office, such as the USPTO, have hyper-technical procedural requirements, and should be managed by an expert attorney actively engaged in intellectual property law. Although any active attorney can file a trademark, it is best to utilize an attorney specializing in IP, such as a licensed patent attorney. 

Our licensed patent attorneys actively practice before the USPTO in both patent and trademark matters. Our trademark attorneys’ knowledge of the technical requirements of these applications helps clients obtain the IP protection they desire in less time and at an affordable rate.

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