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A trademark search is a search of existing business marks, which may be performed for various reasons. Searches are often done to determine if a desired mark is available, or to evaluate potential trademark infringement issues.
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Can You Do Your Own Trademark Search?

Searching a trademark database, such as the USPTO, is fairly simple, and can be done by anyone. It is not nearly as complex as a patent search. However, the value of a professional search lies in the legal opinion. A trademark attorney will provide a legal opinion on whether a trademark is available for registration, or whether infringement may occur.

Availability of a trademark depends on whether a new mark would create a likelihood of confusion between the new mark and an existing trademark. There are many factors to consider when evaluating a likelihood of confusion, including similar words, images, industries, trade channels, target market, market sophistication, similar sounding words, and overall commercial impression.

Work With An Experienced Trademark Attorney

Our trademark lawyers and trademark attorneys have vast experience performing trademark searches for clients. We work with clients to determine the availability of a mark before filing, so our clients save time and money throughout the application process. Our experience in searches and applications gives our attorneys deeper insight into what will be considered registrable or infringing.

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