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Trademark Attorney

As a trademark attorney I provide a wide range of trademark protection and enforcement services for trademarks and service marks registered through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in addition to other intellectual property protection services.

Trademark Services

As a trademark attorney, I can conduct a trademark search to inform you of the availability of your trademark. 

Opinion on Trademark Availability

Sometimes other trademarks exist that are not the same as yours, but may be close enough to cause confusion and therefore prevent you from obtaining your trademark. As a trademark attorney, I provide opinions on whether a potential trademark or service mark is available for registration. 

Trademark Applications

I have helped clients obtain trademarks in the past through trademark applications. I can do the same for you.

Why You Should Hire Me

  1. During my 4+ years of practicing law I have achieved better results than attorneys with 25+ years of experience.
  2. I save clients thousands of dollars and offer flexible payment plans.
  3. I’m young, I work hard, and I respond to your calls.

About Me

I started my law firm straight out of law school as a business law firm in Ohio. I went back to school and acquired my patent license while growing my firm. After practicing law for 4 years, I decided to transition my practice into exclusively patent law. Now, patents are all I do. I provide great service to clients at an affordable rate in an effort to grow my firm into a national patent law firm. Currently, I have two locations: Columbus, Ohio and Kansas City, Missouri. From those locations, I can serve clients in any state virtually.


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