When do you actually need a Trademark?

When do you actually need a Trademark? It seems no one has an actual answer to the question of when a Trademark is actually needed. All online resources simply state that a Trademark protects your brand, and that you should have one. Nobody addresses the fact that Trademarks seem quite expensive for startups and won’t […]

An Overview of Copyright Law

An Overview of Copyright Law What Copyrights Protect Copyrights protect creative expressions on tangible mediums. Creative expressions include songs, lyrics, poems, literature, sound recordings, dramatic works, etc. These creative works must be put onto a tangible medium for copyright protection to apply. Copyright Registration A person owns their creative work immediately upon expressing that work […]

The Basics of Intellectual Property Law

The Basics of Intellectual Property Law General Goals of Intellectual Property Law protect innovation help consumers identify the source of goods/services protect creative works protect information Areas of IP Law That Achieve These Goals Patents protect innovation. Trademark law helps consumers identify sources of goods/services.  Copyright law protects creative works. Trade secrets law protects business […]

How to Create an Intellectual Property Portfolio

How to create an ip portfolio What is an Intellectual Property Portfolio? An Intellectual Property Portfolio is often described as a simple compilation of your IP. Basically, a folder on a computer with all of your patents, trademarks, and copyrights compiled. This is a waste of time and provides you no benefit. A portfolio is […]

Patent Lawyer FAQ’s

Patent Lawyer FAQ’s Introduction I am a licensed patent lawyer in Ohio. In this article, I answer FAQ’s that clients and information seekers ask me personally or search online as they gather information and consider filing a patent application. Patent Fees and Costs How much does it cost to patent an idea? The costs of […]

International and PCT Patent Applications

International and PCT Patent Applications Navigation Introduction Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) PCT Application Process Benefits of filing under the PCT When should you not file a PCT application? Evaluating your PCT options with a US Patent Attorney Introduction There are 2 ways to file patent applications in foreign countries: File the application […]

Understanding the Design Patent

Understanding Design Patents Navigation Introduction Application process differences from utility applications I. Provisional patents II. Term Length III. Claims IV. Written Specification V. Prior Art VI. International Applications Obtaining a design and utility patent on a new invention When is a design patent worth it? A. Advantages B. Disadvantages Conclusion Introduction A design patent is […]

Understanding A Patentability Search

Understanding A Patentability Search Navigation Introduction Patent law on the patentability search Statutory categories of patentable subject matter When are these categories important? Patentability searches: Anticipation How does anticipation affect the search? Patentability searches: Obviousness What is prior art? How to conduct a patentability search Consult a patent attorney Introduction A patentability search is a […]

Guide To Provisional Patent Applications

provisional patent application document

Guide To Provisional Patent Applications Navigation Introduction Purpose of Provisional Patents How to Obtain Provisional Patents Where to File Problems with Provisionals Patent Search Costs Is it worth the cost? Timeline Do you need an Attorney? Introduction to Provisional Patent Applications A provisional patent is a temporary patent that establishes your status as the inventor […]