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When do you actually need a Trademark?

When do you actually need a Trademark? Navigation Introduction What do trademarks do? When are you likely to experience a copycat? When will you create the perception of success? How does this tell us when to file for a trademark? Conclusion Introduction It seems no one has an actual answer to the question of when […]

An Overview of Copyright Law

An Overview of Copyright Law Navigation What Copyrights Protect Copyright Registration Copyright Costs & Fees Copyright Licensing Copyright Infringement & Fair Use Conclusion What Copyrights Protect Copyrights protect creative expressions on tangible mediums. Creative expressions include songs, lyrics, poems, literature, sound recordings, dramatic works, etc. These creative works must be put onto a tangible medium […]

The Basics of Intellectual Property Law

The Basics of Intellectual Property Law Navigation Goals of IP Law Areas of IP Law Patent Law Trademarks Copyrights Trade Secrets Conclusion General Goals of Intellectual Property Law protect innovation help consumers identify the source of goods/services protect creative works protect information Areas of IP Law That Achieve These Goals Patents protect innovation.   Trademark […]

How to Create an Intellectual Property Portfolio

How To Create An IP Portfolio What is an Intellectual Property Portfolio? An Intellectual Property Portfolio is often described as a simple compilation of your IP. Basically, a folder on a computer with all of your patents, trademarks, and copyrights compiled. This is a waste of time and provides you no benefit. A portfolio is […]