Software Patents

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FinTech is software technology used in the financial industry. This includes a broad range of functionality including transaction security, processing, banking, and data organization. 

IOT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things refers to devices that connect to a network and collect or exchange data over that network. This includes devices with sensors or anything with WIFI capability such as smart home devices. 

Data Processing

Most software patents include an improvement or relation to data processing. There are specific issues with filing a data processing or software patent application. These issues will cost you a lot of extra time and money if you don’t have an experienced patent attorney to help.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning is an erupting industry of innovation and patent filings. AI is improving at a rapid rate and inventors are fighting to protect their improvements quickly before they are stolen for use in the next iteration of AI. 


Blockchain refers to distributed ledger technology. This technology breaks a data process or transaction into blocks, which are securely linked to the other blocks in the chain through cryptography. Blockchains are the foundation of cryptocurrency and also help secure online transactions. 

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