Hardware Patents

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Building Materials

Building materials are under constant improvement in the construction industry. Builders and construction companies are always improving key characteristics of building materials for use in commercial and residential projects. 

Static Structures

Static structures are combinations of interdependent subcomponents to form a larger structure. This is often seen in construction with floors, walls, ceilings, and fences. While some components of a static structure may not be patentable, the combination of subcomponents into a new structure may be. 


Construction workers and laborers use tools every day. They often find ways to improve the functionality or efficiency of these tools. 


Lighting and illumination is often improved through new innovations to shine brighter while using less energy or cleaner energy. 


Textiles are materials used in clothing and fabric. Textiles are constantly being improved for specific functionality such as reducing weight, increasing durability, improving breathability for sportswear etc. 

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