How I Fixed Legal Fees

Business & Corporate Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio Introduction The problem with legal fees is not the fee structure. The problem is the intent of the lawyer and the client. Lawyers want to maximize profit from their clients. Clients want to receive as much work as possible for the lowest cost. Today, everyone is estimating the […]

Corporate Lawyer Ohio

Corporate Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio Introduction A Corporate lawyer in Ohio deals with a wide variety of legal issues for corporations. These corporate law issues include: Formation Bylaws and governing documents Shareholder disputes Contracts and transactional issues Securities law issues Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Corporate Formation Forming an Ohio corporation has several legal requirements. The […]

Shareholder Disputes FAQ’s

FAQ’s About Shareholder Disputes in Ohio Introduction As a shareholder disputes attorney in Columbus, Ohio, I am going to answer some common questions people ask about shareholder’s rights in general and some more specific questions about shareholder disputes. Minority Shareholders What rights do minority shareholders have? Minority shareholders have the right to access corporate records, […]

Breach of Contract: Definitions and Legal Consequences

Breach of Contract: Definitions and Legal Consequences Navigation Introduction Breach of contract types Legal consequences for breach Material breach Liquidated damages Duty to mitigate damages Conclusion Introduction A breach of contract is a failure to perform an obligation or comply with a term or condition within a contract or agreement. The legal consequences and liability […]