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Types of Patent Applications

The following are the different official types of patents that can be filed in the USPTO: Within these official types of applications are classifications including chemical, mechanical, software, business method, and many more. A patent lawyer or patent agent can help you file your patent application.
As a patent attorney I conduct patentability searches on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. The USPTO has a database of issued and published patent applications. This is the database a patent examiner will search to make a patentability determination. I perform this service for clients to identify issues with patentability before an application is filed to advise my clients before they engage in a long and expensive process.

Fixing Applications

Some clients come to me after working with another attorney or patent assistance program. They received poor work and need help fixing their application before they lose the rights to their invention. I step in to ensure the application is drafted correctly, any necessary amendments are made, and the application progresses on time.

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  1. During my 4+ years of practicing law I have achieved better results than attorneys with 25+ years of experience.
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About Me

I started my law firm straight out of law school as a business law firm in Ohio. I went back to school and acquired my patent license while growing my firm. After practicing law for 4 years, I decided to transition my practice into exclusively patent law. Now, patents are all I do. I provide great service to clients at an affordable rate in an effort to grow my firm into a national patent law firm. Currently, I have two locations: Columbus, Ohio and Kansas City, Missouri. From those locations, I can serve clients in any state virtually.


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