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Our team started as Columbus Ohio business lawyers. Although our team is physically located in Cleveland, we actively maintain a client base in Columbus. Additionally, we serve businesses across Ohio and will soon serve businesses in New York.

Virtual Service With In-Person Options

Our Columbus Ohio business lawyers have years of experience remotely helping clients start new businesses and navigate complex transactions. 

Most business law work does not require in-person attendance. However, we understand that some clients prefer to meet occasionally in-person, and some clients want their lawyers to personally attend transaction closings. 

If an in-person meeting is required, our lawyers can rent a local office for a consultation. Our lawyers will even travel to a client’s location, provided the client pays the cost of travel.

We provide great service at affordable rates to clients across the nation, and we are ready to do the same for you.

Business Services

    • Startup and Incorporation
    • Governing Documents
    • IP Protection
    • Service Agreements
    • Investor Agreements
    • NDA’s
    • General Counsel

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If you need expert legal assistance with business transactions, contact Collier Legal. Our business attorneys are here to provide you with reliable, professional, and effective legal solutions. 

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