Do you have a deadline to respond to a USPTO office action?

Patents can cost an inventor their life’s savings between attorney’s fees and filings fees. 

Has it been almost a year since:

  • Filing a provisional patent
  • Selling or offering to sell your invention
  • Disclosing your invention to the public

If so, you need a patent attorney that works fast

Most intellectual property attorneys are slow and don’t take on new cases with short deadlines. You need someone that can get it done on time and do good work.

What if there was a patent attorney that could work for you on a moment's notice?

You could meet any pending deadline now or in the future without worry.

What if that attorney did good work even on short notice?

You wouldn’t have to worry that your patent filings are riddled with errors or that you are losing rights to your invention.

What if this attorney didn't break your bank?

You wouldn’t have to pay your life’s savings to have short-notice work completed.

I Can Work On A Moment's Notice

I can meet any deadline you give me if it is physically possible to do so.

I Do Quality Work

I provide quality work product even when I have a short timeline.

I Charge Lower Rates

My rates are lower than other patent firms and that doesn’t change when given short-notice work.

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