Patents are expensive

Patent applications cost thousands of dollars.

The patent process is long

Patent prosecution takes almost 2 years on average.

You don't want to waste time and money

You don’t want to commit to the time and expense if you aren’t sure you will get the patent.

What If you knew whether or not you were likely to get a patent before filing?

You could make a better decision for your time and money if you knew the likelihood of success before filing.

What if you knew what the challenges against patentability would be up front?

You would feel more in control of the patent prosecution process when you know what obstacles might arise and you are prepared to address them.

What if this foresight only cost you a fraction of the patenting price?

You would save thousands of dollars and years of time by knowing up front that you can’t get a patent.

Patentability Search

A patentability search from a patent professional would discover if prior art exists that could prevent you from obtaining a patent.

Patentability Analysis

A patentability analysis is an analysis of the prior art that anticipates what obstacles you could face when prosecuting your patent.

Search and Analysis Pricing

A patentability search and analysis is substantially cheaper than the fees of a patent application. If the search does not clear, then you will save thousands of dollars. If the search clears but indicates possible hurdles, then you save time and attorney’s fees in the future by being prepared to address the issues.

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