Patents Are Expensive

Patents can cost an inventor their life’s savings between attorney’s fees and filings fees. 

Attorney's Fees are High

Patent professionals charge high rates. They build their practice on big businesses, who can afford to pay absurd legal fees for patents. 

Filing Fees Add Up

Filing fees are generally not included in attorney’s fees. Although small entities have lower filing fees, it still adds up in the price burden on applicants.

But Cheap Online Services Are Too Risky

It may seem tempting to use an online service charging almost nothing for patent filing help. However, some of these online services are being sued for poor work and losing the patent rights for thousands of users. These online services can’t provide quality assistance.

What If Good Patent Lawyers Were Cheaper?

Patent lawyers would charge differently if they built their business for people that don’t have bottomless bank accounts. 

What If Your Attorney Used Flat Rates?

Flat rates provide clients with a sense of certainty. The client pays the same rates whether the attorney needs to spend more time on the work. 

What If You Didn't Have To Pay For Everything Up Front?

Most intellectual property lawyers charge an exorbitant retainer before starting work, easily exceeding $10,000. Most people don’t have this much expendable money to pay just to start a patent application. 

My Rates Are Lower

I charge lower rates because I am building my firm with small businesses and regular people in mind. 

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I Offer Payment Plans

I offer payment plans to reduce the financial burden on my clients. I don’t want anyone to miss their bill payments because of my fees.

I Use Flat Fees

I charge flat fees because it gives my clients certainty. I would rather eat a time loss myself and make my clients happy than maximize every billable hour.

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