My Approach

Collaborate With You To Set Expectations Up Front

I always have an initial consultation with new clients to set expectations for case or transaction results, what role each of us will play, and how I will go about representing that client. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our position, what the best possible results are, and what tactics will give us the highest probability of achieving those results. Sometimes a client’s position is weak and our best outcome results from being collaborative with opposing counsel. Sometimes we can send a stern and aggressive demand letter to get what we want without having to step foot in a court room. This is all discussed up front with clients and agreed upon so that we are on the same page at all times.

Execute Our Strategy With You Being As Involved As You Want

Apart from showing up to court, my clients do not have to be very involved in my work if they do not want to be. This allows them to send me their legal problems, agree to the expectations, and forget about their problems as I make them disappear. Often times, a new client will want to be highly involved in managing the process for a short initial duration. This helps put the client at ease that I am handling their matter appropriately. Once satisfied, clients often send me their problems and forget about them. Of course, I provide updates at all stages and events of the matter but clients appreciate not being actively engaged in managing the matter.

Solve Your Legal Problems And Prevent Them In The Future

Once your legal problem is solved, I look to prevent the same problem from arising again in the future. If your matter is a lawsuit, we can typically prevent your problem from arising again by improving your documentation or adjusting business practices. If I am assisting you with a transactional matter, I will see how we can streamline the process and make it more efficient for the future. Either way, we can always use a current matter to create future value.

Where To Go From Here

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