My Approach


The biggest part of my approach to any case is getting on the same page as my clients. I need to understand what my client’s goals and priorities are and my clients need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their case. I have been able to help clients get better results from negotiations and settlements than they would have gotten through a trial and adjudication. However, they understand that the opposing side could refuse to negotiate and the results could be different. Setting expectations is critical.


Once I understand my client’s position and we set expectations, I represent my client with strength. That means being a good negotiator and displaying a strong position to get better results. That does not require being rude, loud, disrespectful, or the stereotypical “aggressive” personality. Not only does that get bad results, it’s not who I am. I display strength with class.


The best results can be achieved by holding fast to a demand or by collaborating with the opposing side to solve everyone’s problems. I can identify a collaborative opponent on the first communication early in the process and, once I do, I will discuss with my client so we can tailor our approach accordingly. Being able to identify these different situations and adjust to them allows me to achieve better results than other attorneys who are set in their ways.