When businesses are involved, I go to court for you. Whether you are a business that has more important things to do than worry about a court case, or whether you are an individual concerned about starting a lawsuit against a business, I take that stress and uncertainty off of you because this is what I do. Business litigation can involve a large array of legal issues. The most common legal causes of business litigation are the following:






Breach of contract is the most common cause of business litigation. Common types of breach of contract are:

-Non-payment for services rendered or products provided

-Payment for services not rendered

-Damage caused by a contractor or repair shop

-Failure to comply with a real estate contract

-Improper termination of an agreement

I am a breach of contract attorney and I’m experienced in contract disputes. I will enforce your rights under your contracts and ensure that you benefit from your bargains.


Business owners frequently desire to part ways for various reasons. Sometimes one owner loses interest in the business, has a change in life circumstances, isn’t participating in business operations, or isn’t contributing enough money or effort. Unfortunately, ownership disputes are about as friendly as divorces. It is absolutely necessary to have a strong business lawyer on your side if you are going through an ownership dispute.


Business torts are non-contractual damages and typically involve negligence, slip-and-falls, or interfering with business relationships. Although business torts can be difficult to win, they allow for punitive damages, which means that those who do win will win big. Don’t set yourself up for a loss that could put you out of business. Engage an experienced business attorney early on to prepare you for litigation like this and to guide you through successfully.


Employees do not like to be fired, and many will file a lawsuit afterwards. Employees most commonly sue for non-payment of wages, discrimination, or breach of an employment contract. Many employers hire people intending them to be independent contractors, and so they don’t pay overtime. However, the employers often don’t know or follow Ohio law regarding how to establish an independent contractor relationship. This results in terminated employees suing for overtime payment and employers being potentially liable, even though overtime was never intended. This is just one problem a quality business lawyer can solve for you at the outset your employment relationships. Please contact a business lawyer before hiring anyone, and make sure to have an employment contract reviewed by a professional. 


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