Have you worked with a patent professional before?

Maybe you hired an intellectual property attorney previously and they were unresponsive and did unreliable work.

Have you used an online patent service?

Maybe you used one of the cheap online patent services that are currently being sued for poor work quality.

Did they make mistakes that you now have to correct?

If your application was drafted poorly, you are likely at risk of losing patent rights.

If so, you are likely skeptical of hiring another patent professional

Having a bad experience with a professional will make anyone hesitant to hire another professional who could just cause the same problems again.

What if you could be sure that your patent attorney was good?

You wouldn’t have to worry about losing patent rights.

What if your patent attorney was responsive?

You could rest assured that your issues and concerns will be addressed.

What if your quality attorney did good work at lower rates?

You could save money, just like when using an online service, except you would also have the certainty provided by a true professional.

I Provide Quality Work

People hire me because I am good at what I do. I’ve shown this in the past by winning cases against 25 year veteran attorneys.

I Communicate Often

I respond to clients and address their concerns because that has become an issue in this industry. I offer clients a better experience.

I Charge Less

I charge lower rates than other patent firms. I can do this because I have less overhead and because I build my business for small businesses and regular people, not massive corporations with an unlimited budget.

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