Business Transactions Lawyer


Ownership Transactions

The most important business and corporate transactions are those affecting ownership of the company. These transactions include: 

As a business and corporate lawyer, I have over 4 years of experience drafting, negotiating, and even litigating these transactions. My expertise took me from leading a million-dollar franchise acquisition to running the business law department at Doucet Law.


Contract Review & Drafting

Contracts are the lifeblood of a business. Every business relationship should be covered by an effective contract, including relationships between owners, employees, vendors, clients/customers, etc. Using a poorly written contract or a contract template often gets business owners in costly trouble. It is significantly more affordable to pay a good contract attorney for reviews and revisions than it is to pay a litigator for help resolving a messy contract dispute.

Business Startups and Governing Documents

I help business owners start new companies and establish proper legal documentation to protect both the business and the owners. Many clients come to me for my dual expertise in business law and IP law. Clients reach out to protect their IP and start new businesses to monetize that IP. Some business owners come to me for help in exiting their current business and starting a new business. This occurs when the owner is either selling their ownership interest or is seeking to litigate their ownership interest through business dissolution. They choose me to avoid litigating their business ownership a second time.

Why You Should Work With Me

  1. During my 5+ years of practicing law I have achieved better results than attorneys with 25+ years of experience.
  2. I save clients thousands of dollars and offer flexible payment plans.
  3. I provide great service and communicate past normal business hours.

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