Starting a business is an exciting and frightening endeavor. I am a small business attorney and I can help you ensure that you consider the key initial legal considerations when starting your business.


What business entity should you choose?

There are several options for choice of entity, such as:

-C Corporation

-S Corporation

-Limited Liability Company (LLC)

-Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


-Sole Proprietorship

Can I structure the business to save money on taxes as a sole proprietor?

Yes you can and, as a small business lawyer, I can show you how.

Do I need any service agreements or sales agreements?

Do I have any intellectual property that I should protect?

Will I be hiring soon and, if so, do I have an employment contract?

Do I need an operating agreement for me and my partners?

What liability is typical for business in my industry and how do I protect against that?

These are only a few of the considerations I can guide you through as you take on this challenge. 


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