Breach of Contract: Definitions and Legal Consequences

Breach of Contract: Definitions and Legal Consequences Navigation Introduction Breach of contract types Legal consequences for breach Material breach Liquidated damages Duty to mitigate damages Conclusion Introduction A breach of contract is a failure to perform an obligation or comply with a term or condition within a contract or agreement. The legal consequences and liability […]

International and PCT Patent Applications

International and PCT Patent Applications Navigation Introduction Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) PCT Application Process Benefits of filing under the PCT When should you not file a PCT application? Evaluating your PCT options with a US Patent Attorney Introduction There are 2 ways to file patent applications in foreign countries: File the application […]

Understanding the Design Patent

Understanding Design Patents Navigation Introduction Application process differences from utility applications I. Provisional patents II. Term Length III. Claims IV. Written Specification V. Prior Art VI. International Applications Obtaining a design and utility patent on a new invention When is a design patent worth it? A. Advantages B. Disadvantages Conclusion Introduction A design patent is […]

Understanding A Patentability Search

Understanding A Patentability Search Navigation Introduction Patent law on the patentability search Statutory categories of patentable subject matter When are these categories important? Patentability searches: Anticipation How does anticipation affect the search? Patentability searches: Obviousness What is prior art? How to conduct a patentability search Consult a patent attorney Introduction A patentability search is a […]